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Monday through Friday Lunch Buffet $9.95

11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday Champagne Brunch $12.95

11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Combination Plate

Vegetarian Thali                                                                                                        $13.95

Papadum, Choice of two vegetables, plain naan, vegetable rice, raita and salad)

 Non Vegetarian Thali                                                                                                $15.95

Papadum, Tandoori Chicken (one piece) or Chicken Tikka (2 pieces), or Sheesh Kabab (2 pieces), choice of one chicken curry, choice of one vegetable, plain naan, vegetable rice and raita

* Shrimp, fish or lamb add $2.00 extra


(For Two Persons)

For each additional guest $18.00 extra for non vegetarian, $16.00 for vegetarian

 Vegetarian A La Carte                                                                                              $39.95

Papadums, two samosas, raita, choice of any two vegetable from menu, plain naan, vegetable rice, dessert, coffee or tea

Non Vegetarian A La Carte                                                                                      $49.95

Papadums, two samosas, raita, half tandoori chicken or Chicken Tikka or Sheesh Kabab choice of any one chicken or lamb dish, one vegetable, plain naan, vegetable rice, dessert, coffee or tea



Papapdums                                                                                                                $2.95

Samosas                                                                                                                      $4.95

Meat Samosa                                                                                                              $5.95

Onion Bhaji                                                                                                                $5.95

Vegetable Pakora                                                                                                       $7.95

Chicken Pakora                                                                                                          $8.95

Shrimp Pakora                                                                                                           $9.95

Spicy Chicken Wings                                                                                                 $7.95

Tandoori Vegetables                                                                                                  $9.95

Fish Pakora                                                                                                                 $10.95

Paneer Pakora                                                                                                            $9.95

Assorted Appetizers Plate                                                                                        $12.95


(Soup & Salad)

Cream of Tomato                                                                                                       $3.95

Mulligatawney Soup                                                                                                 $4.95

Mixed Vegetable soup                                                                                              $3.95

Cream of Chicken                                                                                                      $3.95

Raita                                                                                                                             $4.95

Buddha Salad                                                                                                             $6.95

Mixed greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and onions served on a bed of lettuce with lemon dressing

Original Chicken Tikka Salad                                                                                 $7.95

Mango Chutney                                                                                                         $2.00

Mixed Pickles                                                                                                             $2.00


(From our Clay Oven)

Tandoori Chicken (Half)                                                                                           $11.95

Tandoori Chicken (Full)                                                                                            $18.95

Sheesh Kabab                                                                                                             $11.95

Minced lamb meat mixed with spices cooked on skewer in clay oven

Boti Kabab                                                                                                                  $12.95

Chunks of lamb meat marinated in herbs cooked on charcoal

Chicken Tikka                                                                                                            $13.95

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt overnight cooked in clay oven

Chicken Lasooni                                                                                                        $13.95

Chicken marinated with herbs and garlic served on a bed of onion on a sizzling plate

Tandoori Fish Tikka                                                                                                   $14.95

Boneless pieces of fish cooked in clay oven

Shrimp Tandoori                                                                                                        $15.95

Jumbo shrimp cooked on skewer in clay oven

Mixed Grill                                                                                                                 $16.95

1 piece Boti Kabab, 1 piece Tandoori Chicken, 1 piece of chicken Tikkar, 1 piece Sheesh Kabab and 2 psc. Of Tandoori Shrimp served on a bed of onions on the sizzling platter

Lamb Chops Kandhahari                                                                                          $18.95

Marinated in yogurt with herbs & spices cooked in clay oven to perfection

Malai Chicken Tikka                                                                                                  $12.95



For all white meat add $2.00

Chicken Curry                                                                                                           $12.95

Boneless Chicken in Light Brown Curry Sauce

Chicken Vindaloo                                                                                                      $13.95

Chicken Cooked in Coconut Curry with Herbs and Spices

Chicken Coconut Curry                                                                                            $13.95

Chicken Cooked in Coconut Curry Blended with a Verity of Herbs and Spices

Chicken Korma                                                                                                          $13.95

Chicken Cooked in Creamy Curry Blended with a Variety of Herbs and Spice

Chicken Saag                                                                                                             $13.95

A Delicious Boneless Chicken Sauteed in Fresh Spinach

Chicken Tikka Masala                                                                                               $14.95

Cooked in Tomato Base Sauce with Spices & Herbas

Chicken Makhni                                                                                                        $13.95

Boneless Pieces of Chicken in a Special Sauce with Fresh Cream and Fresh Tomatoes

Chicken Karahi                                                                                                          $13.95

Boneless Pieces of Chicken in Special Sauce with Fresh Cream and Fresh Tomatoes

Mango Chicken Masala                                                                                             $14.95

Boneless Chicken Cooked in Mango & Tomato Base Sauce with Array of Spice & Herbs

Methi Chicken                                                                                                            $13.95

Boneless Chicken Cooked with fenugreek leaves


Lamb Curry                                                                                                                $14.95

Boneless Lamb in Light Brown Curry Sauce

Lamb Vindaloo                                                                                                          $15.95

Thick Lamb Curry Sauce Cooked with Potatoes - Spicy

Lamb Korma                                                                                                              $15.95

Lamd Cooked in Creamy Sauce Blended with a Variety of Herb and Spices

Lamb Saagwala                                                                                                         $15.95

A Delicious Pieces of Lamb Sautéed in Fresh Spinach

Lamb Bhuna                                                                                                               $15.95

Cooked with Tomatoes, Garlic and Ginger with an Array of Apices & Herbs

Lamb Tikka Masala                                                                                                   $15.95

Lamb pieces cooked in tomato base sauce with an array of spices and herbs

Rogan Josh                                                                                                                 $15.95

Boneless Pieces of Lamb Cooked in a Special Indian Sauce

Lamb Coconut Curry                                                                                                $15.95

Lamb Prepared in Special Curry and Coconut Milk in East Indian Style

Karahi Lamb                                                                                                              $15.95

Boneless pcs of Lamb Cooked with Bell Pepper & Onion in a Special Indian Wok


(Sea Food)

Shrimp Curry                                                                                                             $15.95

Shrimp Cooked in Light Brown Curry Sauce

Shrimp Saagwala                                                                                                       $15.95

Shrimp Sautéed in Fresh Spinach

Shrimp Vindaloo                                                                                                        $15.95

Shrimp in Thick Curry Sauce with Potatoes, Tomatoes, Ginger & Lemon-Spicy

Shrimp Bhuna Masala                                                                                               $15.95

Shrimp Cooked with Tomatoes, Garlic and Ginger & Herbs

Shrimp Tikka Masala                                                                                                 $15.95

Shrimp Cooked in Tomato Base Sauce with Spices & Herbs

Fish Curry                                                                                                                  $15.95

Mahi Mahi in Light Curry Sauce

Tiger Prawns & Bay Scallops Tikka Masala                                                             $17.95

Cooked in Tomato Base Sauce with an Array of Spices & Herbs with Prawns & Scallops


(Vegetarian Specialists)

Daal Makhni                                                                                                              $10.95

Lentils Simmered Ina Mild Mlend of Spices

Matar Paneer                                                                                                             $13.95

Fresh, Cut Green Peas and Cheese with Onions and Tomatoes

Bengan Bharta                                                                                                           $12.95

Eggplant Masted in Clay Oven with Onions, Spices & Tomatoes

Tofu Curry                                                                                                                 $12.95

Tofu Cooked in Rich Curry Sauce

Saag Aloo / Saag Paneer                                                                                          $12.95

Mixture of Potatoes or Cheese with Fresh Spinach                                                                                                    

Mashroom Matar                                                                                                       $12.95

Fresh Mushrooms and Green Peas Cooked with Herbs & Spices                                                                                 

Vegetable Korma Enlightenment                                                                              $13.95

Mixed Vegetables in a Light Creamy Sauce

Shahi Paneer                                                                                                              $13.95

Curry Sauce Cooked with Indian Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes and Dry Fruits

Malai Kofta                                                                                                                $12.95

Vege Balls Cooked in Sauce with Dry Fruit



Vegetable Jalfrazzi                                                                                                     $12.95

Assorted Vegetables Lightly Sauteed with Herbs & Spices

Yellow Daal                                                                                                                $11.95

Yellow Lentils Simmeredf in a Mild Blend of Spicies

Aaloo Gobi                                                                                                                 $12.95

Mixture of Potatoes and Cauliflower

Channa Masala                                                                                                          $12.95

Spiced Garbanzo Beans

Bhindi Masala                                                                                                            $12.95

Fresh Cut Okra Cooked with Onions & Tomatoes


(Signature Dishes)

Lamb Plater                                                                                                                $19.95

2pcs Boti Kabab, 2pcs Lamb Kabab, 2pcs Sheesh Kabab

Reshami Kabab                                                                                                          $15.95

Boneless white meat chicken marinated in cream, garlic and ginger, served on a bed of onion on a sizzling platter

Chicken Mushroom Curry                                                                                        $14.95

Boneless chicken sauteed with mushroom curry sauce

Shrimp Cocont Curry                                                                                                $16.95

Shrimp in special curry and coconut milk, East Indian Style

Garlic Chicken                                                                                                           $15.95

Boneless chicken sauteed in garlic and herbs                                                                                                             

Goat Curry (Mutton)                                                                                                 $15.95

Shrimp Karma                                                                                                           $16.95

Shrimp battered with corn flour and eggs deep fried and sauteed with onions and bell pepper

Chili Chicken                                                                                                             $16.95

Boneless chicken cooked with garlic, tomato and Indian herbs, battered with corn flour and eggs



Plain aromatic rice                                                                                                     $5.95

Saffron Rice                                                                                                                $6.95

Peas Pullao                                                                                                                 $6.95

Vegetable Biryani                                                                                                       $7.95

Chicken Biryani                                                                                                         $11.95

Lamb Biryani                                                                                                              $12.95

Shrimp Biryani                                                                                                           $13.95



Chapati                                                                                                                       $1.95

Whole wheat bread

Plain Naan                                                                                                                 $2.95

Fresh and soft bread

Kashmiri Naan                                                                                                          $3.25

Sprinkled with sesames seed

Paratha                                                                                                                       $2.95

Layered whole wheat bread

Garlic Naan                                                                                                                $2.95

Topped with garlic

Olive Naan                                                                                                                 $2.95

Topped with green olives

Panner Naan                                                                                                              $2.95

Stuffed with homemade cheese

Onion Kulcha                                                                                                             $3.95

Onion stuffed bread

Spinach Kulcha                                                                                                          $3.95

Spinach stuffed bread

Aaloo Paratha                                                                                                            $3.95

Stuffed with spices, herbs and potatoes

Keema Naan                                                                                                              $3.95

Naan stuffed with delicately spiced minced lamb

Chicken Naan                                                                                                            $3.95

Stuffed with chicken

Peshwari Naan                                                                                                          $3.95

Stuffed with cashews, raisins, cherry & coconut

Bhatura                                                                                                                       $3.95

Soft fried puffed flour bread

Naan Ki Tokri                                                                                                            $7.95

Bread Basket – Combination of plain naan, garlic naan and onion naan



Kheer                                                                                                                          $4.00

Indian Rice pudding

Gulab Jamun                                                                                                              $4.00

Homemade Cheese balls dipped in honey sauce

Pista Kulfi                                                                                                                   $4.00

Indian creamy ice cream with pistachios

Ras Malai                                                                                                                    $4.00

Mango Kulfi                                                                                                               $4.00


(Tea and Drinks)

Masala Chai                                                                                                               $2.95

Coffee                                                                                                                         $2.95

Lassi                                                                                                                            $3.95

Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet, Sprite, 7up, Iced Tea, Lemonade)                                     $2.50

Mango Lassi                                                                                                               $3.95

Juice (Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple)                                                                      $2.95

Sparkling Water                                                                                                         $4.95

Bottled Water                                                                                                             $4.95


Everything is cooked in vegetable oil. No MSG

18% Gratuity will be charged for 6 or more people.

We do deliveries, parties and catering for all occasions. Ask for details.
Prices are su
bject to change without notice.






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